Web analytics allows us to collect, track and report on visitor activity from the moment they enter your site until they exit.

This Data includes :

How they got to the site

  • What keyword brought them to the site
  • What pages were visited
  • Time spent on a page
  • Browser used
  • Monthly traffic
  • Much more……..

Why are Web Analytics important?

Having the ability to monitor the activity and behavior of your site visitors can be extremely helpful in understanding their likes, dislikes or interests. You might find a behavior pattern that can be of great assistance in making your site more productive, focused and visitor friendly .

Example – if you see that your home page is the point of entry as well and point of exit from your 15 page site you might want to look at what on this page causes visitors to ignore the other 14 pages.

Example – if a high percentage of visitors are coming to the site based on searches for a specific keyword you may want to optimize a page dedicated to that keyword.

– your site is an ecommerce site that gets traffic but lacks sales. You might want to tweak the exit page to be more user friendly or compelling.

The Web is a very dynamic environment which calls for constant tweaking and adding. Web Analytics are a must if you want to take full advantage of the Internet. It is highly recommended that you have a web analytics package added to your website.

We at WebPower Marketing  are strong believers in adding an analytics tool to every site we build. Web Analytics programs allow us to be proactive in recommending improvements to our clients based on analysis of the analytics data we collect.

Contact us to learn more about how you can improve your internet results by utilizing our Web Analytics programs.

Please contact us with any and all of your questions and requests, we will be happy to assist you!

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