Mobile Friendly WebSite – Do you need one?

Mobile searches have surpassed desk top/PC searches.(Source: Nielsen). Just take a look at your Google Analytic reports (You better have GA on your site!) and compare the number of mobile visits to your site as compared to desktop. You will be shocked!

If you do not have a mobile optimized and friendly version of your website you are ignoring a very substantial group of Mobile searchers.

before and after mobile site

Traditional Website obstacles when Mobile Devices are used:

Google is using a different set of search algorithms for mobile devices than the ones used for desktops and PCs and prefer to rank mobile friendly sites ahead when a search is performed on a mobile device.

One of the major reasons why SEOs need to think about mobile today is that mobile search results on feature phone or smartphones differ from the search results that appear on a desktop browser. In a previous study late last year, researching webmaster tools data that rankings differ between smartphone and desktop browsers by 86%( Source: CMS Buffet)

46% of consumers will NOT return to a mobile site that is not working properly. (Source: Nielsen)

Traditional websites are designed and built wider to accommodate wide screens. When displayed on a mobile device you will get a partial page or tiny content which makes it extremely difficult to read and to get the full picture. The navigation tabs are small and often require horizontal scrolling.

71% of mobile browsers expect web pages to load almost as quickly or faster as web pages on their desktop computers. (Source: MarketingLand)

Traditional websites are designed for a higher bandwidth environment and can handle applications like video, Flash etc.

Mobile devices are limited with the speed they can display information. At the same time, mobile users are looking for immediate results and this causes a conflict that results in aborting your site and looking for other options.

9 out of 10 mobile visits result in a purchase, call or visit.

That number affects your ability to turn a site visitor into a paying customer. Mobile browsers are very result oriented. They want it easy, fast and clear.

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Mobile friendly websites & local businesses

If your business is local in nature the effect of Mobile searching on your business is much bigger than if your business was national or international.

By looking at the statistics focused on Local searches it is apparent that Mobile searching has a more profound effect on local businesses than global ones.

Mobile friendly websites are not an option anymore- they are a must!

If your Website does not display properly and is hard to navigate you are leaving money on the table.

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