Keyword research is he first and most fundamental action to be taken when putting together your” internet face”.

It sets the tone and will influence the probability of your website being found.

If I might use an analogy, make believe that you are going fishing in the internet pond, the keywords you you want to rank for are your bait, when a visitor lands on your site you have a bite (hit). A visitor that stays on your site and calls you or emails you is a catch (conversion).

Keyword Research will affect every aspect of creating your web presence starting with the navigation aspect and continuing with the content planning and the calls to action and ultimately determine whether your message will be read, by how many visitors and will it be convincing enough to start a dialogue with you.

Keyword research is essential When deciding which keywords to focus on. There are a few aspects you have to consider when choosing your set of desirable keywords.
The first and most important one is, Is there traffic for the keyword?

Chasing a keyword that does not have searches or very few of them looks like this:

fishing for keywords

And you will probably have the same results as this poor fisherman.

The second consideration is, how many webpages are competing for the same keyword and same searches? Keywords that are driving a lot of searches are typically harder to rank high for.

You might not necessarily want to ”fish” here either:

keyword research

There is a lot more competition and it might be harder to rank in a relevant position.
Finding keywords that have searches but not too much competition is where your chances to rank faster are greater.

Focusing on Long Tail keywords (Phrases of multiple words) are very effective, hardly any competition, There are fewer searches but the quality is there. If you back up a long tail keyword with relevant content you will make a visitor happy.

The art of selecting good keywords takes into consideration the balance between the volume of searches and the number of sites competing for the same keyword and results in faster and better ranking position.

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